Soy Flakes Kebabs

Soy Flakes Kebabs


3 cup soy flakes, soaked and drained

3 tbsp Fresh whole wheat bread crumbs

1 cup Onions, finely chopped 

1 tbsp Garlic, minced 

¼ cup Carrots, grated (optional)

½ cup Soy  (flour) OR BESAN

2/3 cup Fresh parsley, chopped 

1 tsp Dried thyme crushed or fresh 

Salt / pepper to taste

2 tsp Soybean oil or as needed

4 nos Lemon wedges 




Coarsely mash soy flakes in a blender until lumpy. Combine all ingredients in large bowl, mix well. And make small kebabs like hearts shape and cook on a lightly oiled griddle over medium heat until thoroughly heated and browned on both sides. Serve hot with chutney.

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