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Nutri Kalp Health & Weight Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded by a group of well-experienced Nutritionists & Medical professionals in the Year 2004. A Diet Therapy Clinic that specializes in Weight Management and Disease Management programs through diet control, this center boasts of offering customized Weight management solutions to individuals based on their specific body weight, body type, and diet intake, to develop the most effective diet plan that would help them achieve their weight loss or weight gain objectives with time-bound weight management packages.

Operating with its head office in the capital city of India, Nutri Kalp Health & Weight Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. is fast emerging as the first choice among scores of individuals who want to bring a turnaround in their life by managing their weight better with Nutrikalp’s highly effective weight management plans.



Money paid on enrolment for the services is non refundable.  programme availed is completely for individual is not transferable to anyone else, & if any case it is happening term & conditions will apply.


 Nutrikalp provides only advice and consultant according to individual requirement[weight management or disease  management ] of a person we don’t provide any food  or medicine .Result and effect on body can vary   person to person depending upon  follow up, medical condition , past history of weight loss or any reason related to health and life style.  Nutrikalp team advices only kitchen  based and locally available food and completely customized and variety added  according to individual needs and demand 
After  joining of any individual Nutrikalp can use  their phone no and mail id for further communication with the  same.


Anyone can join this programme who wants to modify diet and life style .
In case of  past ailment  treatment, surgery ,or  any medical condition / Pregnancy , lactation  and allergy  to certain foods   consult your doctor first  and inform the same to the team  Nutrikalp .

Terms & Conditions

NUTRIKALP  has the following terms and conditions 
NUTRIKALP  is a team of qualified Dieticians helping people to modify their food choices, eating pattern and life style but it is not medical professionals team so can’t prescribe medical advice and assistance. In case of any medical problem, we strongly advise to consult with professional health care services and doctors  Our company provides you the services regarding weight management  [weight loss// gain]  life style changes and tips related to preventive health care .  Our team helps you to achieve and maintain your health  and weight  parameters according to world health organizations but it does not claim to  treat any  disease or  health issues at its cure. Our team always guide and encourage you to go for periodic health checkups and consult your doctors  in case of any help .



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