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A rapid and simple weight loss is promised by hundreds of fad diets, weight-loss plans, and outright frauds. However, a balanced, calorie-restricted diet together with increased physical activity continues to be the cornerstone of a successful weight loss program. You must make long-lasting adjustments to your eating habits and lifestyle for successful, long-term weight loss. It takes time, effort, and a long-term commitment to lose weight permanently. While you shouldn't put off losing weight permanently, you should make sure you're prepared to modify your food and exercise habits for good. Others cannot force you to lose weight. To make yourself happy, you must make dietary and activity adjustments. What will give you the intense motivation to follow through with your weight-loss plan? Make a list of your priorities to keep you motivated and concentrated, whether it's a future vacation or improved general health. Then figure out a technique to guarantee that you can use your motivating elements when faced with temptation. You could wish to leave a motivational note for yourself on the refrigerator or pantry door, for example


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