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Heart health is improved by weight loss. Your heart has to work harder to pump blood throughout your body if you are overweight. Losing weight relieves stress on your heart and lowers pressure in your arteries. Your "bad" LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol level is also lowered as a result. Type 2 diabetes can be improved by losing some weight. When people with type 2 diabetes start acting to lose weight, their insulin sensitivity usually improves. This is because extra body fat contributes to inflammation, which has a negative impact on insulin's (the hormone that controls blood sugar) functioning. Even a 5% weight loss may result in an improvement. Getting closer to your ideal weight reduces your risk of stroke. Losing weight lessens the strain on your heart as well as the pressure in your blood vessels, decreasing the risk of a blood clot. The risk of several malignancies decreases with weight loss. Your chance of developing conditions like pancreatic, renal, breast (in women past menopause), endometrial, and liver cancer increases as your weight decreases.


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